Our goal is to serve producers with the dopest sounds for their beats. We are innovating in a unique way: to make it easy for producers to make high quality production at a more efficient pace.

Aside from sharing our sounds with the producer world, we want to inspire, entertain, and engage with like minded producers.

Wassup! My name is Arjae. Producer / CEO of TrackGod Sound.

I’ve been a production nerd for 12 years, and it’s paying off! But not how I thought it would. ha. Here’s my story:

1. I started Making Beats, and was making good money selling them online for a 16-20 year old. But over time making beats, I wasn’t happy with not being able to customize sounds. PLUS it was hard finding a site with a dope flow of sounds for Urban production. (a lot of companies fake it with their ‘urban’ sounds…yikes.) On top of that, I needed a grip of money to fund a social media music site, I’ve been working on.

2. Those factors led to me learning Sound Design and I started selling packs for Sylenth VST. During this time of sound designing, I saw how certain dope aspects of design were just NOT being fully capitalized on. PLUS your profit / market is kinda limited if you are selling for someone else’s product.

3. That led me to creating my own VST to try to test the innovation waters and capitalize on those things from step 2. I also learned ALOT about marketing simultaneously. But back to innovation: to me, the 1st time around was slight compared the true innovation that is in the new version of our VST! Boundaries are being pushed with this one new feature in particular. I literally feel like a kid again when I play with it. And once again, I am confident the nerdy-ness will pay off.

If you made it to the end of this, which I don’t think too many will lol: The point is that YOUR path is a Maze not a 400 meter Dash. So just keep that in mind.

Meet Your Cool Sound Designers

Ksvde = bring a crazy / edgy but still dope sound.

Timon = great a bringing sounds that just sound perfect for radio with precise detail.

Fish = all around dopeness. Great with the synths, but also bring clean drums and 808 design to the table.

Meet Ksvde, Derrek, and Fish. Your sound designers are are cool and all unique! Everyone brings a little something different to the table. But one thing that they all do is test the waters and give you the quality needed to take your beats to the next level.


Sometimes we work on individual banks and sometimes we’ll work as a team to give you a 4 different perspectives in one bank!