TrackGod 2 Dev: Velocity Variation

The goal with this update is to give synths more life! So as you can see in the video, Velocity Variation will be made easy for every preset. p.s. I’d like to hear from ya fam! Leave a comment, let me know what you think. About the AuthorArjae KnoxArjae Knox is in the cut Arjae Knox is in the cut


TrackGod 2 Development: ARP Update

Just wanted to give you a peek at this new TrackGod VST update coming to the ARP. You’ll have a quite a bit more freedom to work with the notes of your choice. Let me know what you think! *update is not active til around May 2017, just a sneak look* About the AuthorArjae KnoxArjae Knox is in the cut …


Free Download | Xmas Freebie TrackGod Bank

Day 12 of 12. Thank you for coming by each day fam. For this final day we have a bank of 30 presets “Xmas Freebies.” This bank loads into our TrackGod VST. Producers were asking for it so we delivered! If you don’t have the VST, then the demo version of the VST is provided for ya! We hope you …


Free Download | 40 Drums and Sylenth Presets

A free couple of goodies for you today! It’s Day 8 AND 9 of our producer giveaway. We heard that ya’ll wanted more drums so we supplied a collection of 40 drums, which contains sounds from some of our unreleased drumkits that we have in the vault. Then, for those of you who have Serum, Massive or Sylenth you can …


Free Download | 13 Piano Loops and Midi

Tomorrow we will drop day 8 and 9 in ONE DAY, so be on the look out! Day 7 is here! Hope you are getting some good vibes out the downloads fam. Today is our last batch of the audio + midi combo for ya. These are 13 piano chord progressions that will hopefully spark some ideas for you. BRIEFLY: …


Free Download | 10 Synth Chord Loops

Day 6 of our Xmas Giveaway! Today we are looking to nudge your production with a little inspiration. We’ve created 10 chord loops (audio and midi) that you can use in your projects royalty-free! You can load these files into your music program and then you can screw and chop around with them in your own beat. Please watch this …


Free Download | Kid Ink Promise MIDI

BRIEFLY: HOW TO MAKE USE OF THESE FILES Aye fam! We have something different for ya. This is a remake of the hit song “Promise” by K.I.D. INK. The download includes audio, midi which work for ALL music programs. These files load into you main music program. Please watch the video to above to get a more detailed explanation of …


Free Download | 20 STU VOX

Day 3 is here for ya! Are you in need of a fresh batch of vocal chants that aren’t RECYCLED all over the interent and already in your stash? If so then we got ya with 20 Vocals in Wav format! A Quick Run Through of the Sounds


Free Download | 11 Dope FX

We hope you digged day one! We’re on day 2 of our 12 day rampage of giving you completely free goodies from our sound design team. Today’s freebie includes 11 dope FX samples for some dope transitions in your next production! A Quick Run Through of the FX


Essential Stash | Free Drumkit

We sent our dope sound designers into the world to record sounds and into the studio to polish them. Essential Stash is a drumkit of 250 original exclusive samples that you simply can’t go without in your stash of go-to drums. Don’t start your next beat without your Essential Stash of drums. We, just like you, got tired of hearing …